Affordable Housing
Denise Brown
540 Ridge Road
Monmouth Junction,
NJ 08852
ext 7220

Affordable Housing Office

Please call 732-329-4000 ext. 7220, 7219, 7225 to speak to Denise, Lisa or Peggy           

Every Municipality in the State of New Jersey has a constitutional obligation to provide realistic affordable housing opportunities under the Fair Housing Act of 1986. In order to meet this requirement, the Township of South Brunswick has established the Affordable Housing Office which is dedicated to this purpose.

Those households meeting the income guidelines of the program (based on regional median incomes) have an opportunity to purchase or rent a housing unit at a realistic price for their income level. Through this program, more than 600 affordable households have been welcomed into our community. This has yielded participating and appreciative citizens - they are involved in parent support groups, work in our Supermarkets, wait staff in local restaurants, school bus drivers, beginning teachers, landscape personnel, clerical support staff, computer technicians and healthcare providers.

There are also two Senior Citizen Housing Complexes, Charleston Place and Oak Woods, and a Citizens for Independent Living (CIL) housing facility for the Developmentally Disabled. These facilities provide affordable housing opportunities for those with specific, special needs.

The citizens of South Brunswick can be proud of this program designed for low and moderate income working households-it has brought praise and honor to our Township and has been successful for more than 20 years.



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Six-2 and 3 Bedroom Sales

Ranging from $149,129 to $209,122   


Moderate Income Range

Three-2 Bedroom Townhouses

Starting at $156,820 to $175,000

If interested please call 732-329-4000 exts. 7219 or 7220 or 7225 or submit an application (Preliminary Application) under Forms and Documents

Adopted Third Round Plan

Forms & Documents

Affordable Housing Applicant Income Information (WORD / PDF)
Affordable Housing Confidential Preliminary Application (WORD / PDF)
Affordable Housing Confidential Update Application (WORD / PDF)
Resource List (WORD / PDF)

Declaratory Judgment Action

Middlesex County Housing and Community Development Block Grant